Steve Gervais

Founder + Quarterback Coach

During his 32 year career as an educator and head coach, and especially during the past 6 years of operating SG Academy, Coach Gervais has been building a knowledge-base unrivaled in the state of Washington. No other coach has experienced such remarkable success in as many classifications or with as many student-athletes. His career began in the mid 1980's at Eatonville High School, where he coached his first State Championship team. During the 1990's, long before the Spread Offense gained popularity, Coach Gervais developed a prolific passing system and became known as a successful program builder. He continued to win State Championships and helped numerous student-athletes continue their careers beyond high school. In 2007, during his final season in the high school ranks, he coached the Skyline Spartans to a memorable 14-0 season. His 244 wins, 15 league championships, six state championships and induction into the Washington State High School Football Coach's Hall of Fame make Coach Gervais one of the most decorated coaches in state history.


Coach Gervais founded SG Academy so that he could continue to provide student-athletes with innovative training opportunities. His primary goal, is to help young football players maximize their performance levels through hard work and commitment.

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